Late Ln. B.R.PRASAD, Founder

A man who thinks of a week,raises grass. A man who thinks of
a year,plants trees. A man who thinks of generations,establishes educational


Every significant breakthrough, in any field, owes its birth
to somebody who believed he could find it. And for the birth of SIMS that
somebody with undaunted belief and dedication was Late Ln. B.R. Prasad, the
founder of the institution. He had a simple beginning for his career as an ITI
Diesel Mechanic. Then he established his own Indian ITI followed by an Asian
ITI. He stepped forward by starting SIMS Nursing Institute and expanding it as
a reputed educational institution. He was an active member of Lions Club and
had the chair of its Vice Governor – elect. He was a philanthropist and
believed educating people is all about building a developed nation.

SIMS Educational Institutions carries ahead his unique
vision to impart quality education to all aspiring students and thus contribute
to the development of the nation.